Golbahar Dadyan

Golbahar262Golbahar has always been searching for the meaning and answer to one of the most common questions in life,
“What am I here for?”
 She received many of those answers as she attended the University of North Texas and earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with a minor in Biology. She is currently an Interface Analyst and works for Quest Diagnostics. She also has a certification as a Biocircuitry Convergence practitioner.
 She became a student at the School of Metaphysics in April of 2008. She is currently in the Third Cycle of the classes at the school. Her deep root with Persian spirituality brings a multi-cultural sense to the group. She is actively seeking for new ways to reach out and serve community. She endeavors to use her skills to aid many individuals to gain complete whole minded healing as well as experience great joy and fulfillment with their lives. In this way she knows there will be greater peace and harmony in the world.
 She plans to earn her Psi Counseling Degree as well as a Doctorate of Metaphysics from the School of Metaphysics and to incorporate them into her wellness practice.

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