Daniel R. Condron, M.S., D.M., D.D.

Teacher, Educator, Philosopher, Administrator, Writer, Recording/producer, Composer, Agriculturist, Ecologist, Leader

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree and a Masters Degree in formal education at the University of Missouri, Daniel Condron realized he needed a different kind of education.  He needed the kind of education that told him about and helped him to understand himself.  For 30 years he has been immersed in the study of Self and Mind, as well as discipline, service and teaching.


•Doctorate in Metaphysics, School of Metaphysics, 1985
•Doctorate in Divinity, School of Metaphysics, 1983
•Master of Science, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO specializing in International Agricultural Development, 1978
•Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 1975

1976 – present    Educator

In 1976 while a graduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Daniel Condron served as a teaching assistant for Agricultural Economics 50.  In this capacity he taught two lab classes each week for a semester. 

Dr. Daniel Condron has taught continuously since then, his chosen field being development of the Mind and human potential.   At the College of Metaphysics he teaches the Still Mind Class monthly.  People travel from as far away as Indianapolis, Indiana; Louisville, Kentucky; and Des Moines, Iowa to attend this class.  Dr. Condron is the creator of the Still Mind Class as well as the Still Mind, Present Moment, Open Heart weekend.

Dr. Condron teaches how to create peace through the Still Mind.  He uses the venue of organic biodynamic gardens at the College of Metaphysics.  In this organic-biodynamic garden, students are taught the secrets of life.  The secrets of the Still Mind, Open Heart and Present Moment are given in his latest book, The Emptiness Sutra.

 Dr. Condron has taught the essentials of knowing the mind for over 30 years.  These essentials include concentration, visualization, dream interpretation, life force-breathwork, memory and listening.  Many of these are chronicled in his book Superconscious Meditation and Permanent Healing.  His Book, Permanent Healing, is the standard for understanding the mind-body connection.

1978 – present    Academic Administrator
Dr. Condron currently serves on the Board of Governors for the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational and service institute of higher learning.  He oversees the functioning of the School of Metaphysics and its satellite campuses in 16 cities around the United States.  He also resides on the College of Metaphysics campus where he teaches every day.

Dr. Condron is the creator of the University of Sharing, an online campus dedicated to the ideal that to create universal peace worldwide, sharing must be accepted universally.  After 28 years of intense concentration and meditation, he developed a Still Mind and realized the still mind is the key to developing an open heart and for being in the present moment.

Dr. Condron has been an instructor in the School of Metaphysics since 1977.  He directed Schools of Metaphysics in Des Moines, Iowa; St. Joseph, MO; and Kansas City, MO before becoming an area director.  In 1981, Dr. Condron began supervising four schools in Colorado including two in the Denver metropolitan area and in Ft. Collins and Colorado Springs.  In 1994, Condron became a regional director with three schools in the Chicago area and three in the Detroit area in adtion to this He opened schools in Kenosha and Madison, Wisconsin and in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 1998, he was elected President of the School of Metaphysics and served in this capacity leading the School of Metaphysics to open branches in Dallas, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky.  He improved the coursework in the School of Metaphysics.  In 1993, he was a major presenter at the Parliament of the World’s Religions held in Chicago, Illinois on the 100-year anniversary of the first Parliament.  His address was titled Permanent Healing and was enthusiastically received.  The address was based on his widely acclaimed and groundbreaking book Permanent Healing and the Quantum Mechanics of Healing.

Currently, he serves as Elder of the School of Metaphysics as well as editor of Thresholds Magazine.

1977 – present    Unifier of the Holy Books of the World
Dr. Condron has researched and studied the world’s Holy Scriptures.  He has interpreted them according to the Universal Language of Mind, Universal Truths, Universal Laws, and Universal Principles.  In 1991, he authored Dreams of the Soul, an interpretation and exploration of the Yogi Sutras of Patanjali, a Holy book from India.  In 1994, he authored The Universal Language of Mind, a universal interpretation and explanation of the book of Matthew in the Bible.  In 2003, he authored the Tao Te Ching, Intrepreted and Explained, a universal interpretation and explanation of the Tao Te Ching, a Holy Book from China.  In 2006, he authored The Secret Code of Revelation, a universal explanation and interpretation of the Book of Revelation from the BibleThe Secret Code of Revelation reveals secrets of the Book of Revelation brought to light after 2000 years. In 2012, he wrote The Dhammapada Intrepreted and Explained, an explaination of the teachings of the Buddha.  In 2013, he wrote The Bhagavad Gita Intrepreted and Explained, in which he offered insight into this great holy book of India, based on this direct experience of enlightenment  through the 8th, 9th and 10th Chakras.

1963 – present   Discoverer and developer of the Universal Language of Mind as it applies to Holy Books and dreams
In 1963, at the age of 10, Dr. Condron realized that the Bible could be understood and explained using pictures as metaphorical symbols for the true reality.  Since that time, he has come to know that pictures, symbols and pictographs are the keys to unlocking the meaning of dreams and Holy Books.  In 1985, Condron discovered that “function” was the key to understanding and interpreting these pictures as a language from the subconscious to conscious mind.  Presently, he teaches these truths daily at the College of Metaphysics and has appeared on dozens of radio and television shows including The Today Show.

2003 – present    Discoverer and Developer of the sacred ley lines of the 1500-acre College of Metaphysics campus
Using the platonic solids as a template, Dr. Condron has supervised the construction of eight-foot tall tetrahedrons, cubes, octahedrons, icosahedrons, and dodecahedrons of copper.  Working with the faculty, staff and students of the School of Metaphysics, he has supervised the construction and planting of these sacred forms at the intersection of ley lines around and on the 1500-acre campus located in the Ozarks near Springfield, Missouri.  This is a higher form of ecology that actually feeds and heals mother Earth. He has discovered how to create world sacred sites.

2002 – present    The Peace Dome
The Peace Dome located on the College of Metaphysics campus is situated next to one of these intersections of ley lines which under Dr. Condrons diretion has become a scacred site.  Dr. Condron oversaw the day-to-day construction of the world’s first Peace Dome.  When a reporter said to him, “You ought to call it the Peace Dome or something,” Dr. Condron replied, “Well that is what it is, a Peace Dome.”  Since that time the Peace Dome has been dedicated to world peace.

Books written by Dr. Condron

1976, A Development study of the Huahaga Central in Peru – a Masters thesis
1978, You’re Worth It, understanding your self-value
1981, The Most Beautiful Book in the World
1983, Beyond Sales
1992, Dreams of the Soul
1993. Understanding Your Dreams
1994, Permanent Healing – Quantum Mechanics of Healing
1994, Universal Language of Mind
1996, Seven Secret Keys to Prosperity and Abundance
1997, Superconscious Meditation
2001, The Four Stages of Growth
2003, Isaiah Chapter 55, Interpreted and Explained
2003, The Tao Te Ching, Interpreted and Explained
2004, The Purpose of Life
2006, The Secret Code of Revelation
2007, The Emptiness Sutra and Productions
2005, Dreams and the Power of Subconscious Mind, audio class
2005, The Quantum Mechanics of Healing, audio class
2005, College of Metaphysics Table Talks, Vol. 1
2006, College of Metaphysics Table Talks, Vol. 2
2006, Best Metaphysical Jazz Album, producer
2006, The Real History of Atlantis and the World, audio class
2006, The Still Mind, the Present Moment, and Permanent Healing
2006, The Real Christmas Story and the Real Meaning of Easter
2007, My Enlightenment Trip to India, lecture
2007, My Thirty Years Meditation, audio class
2008, Still Mind, Present Moment, Open Heart the Hope of the World

2009, Universal Healing Truths
2011, 2012, 2013 & Beyond Time
2012, The Dhammapada Interpreted and Explained
2013, The Bhagavad Gita Interpreted and Explained
2014, Universal Haling Truths, interpreted and explained


Lectures, Presentations, Media

1978, Des Moines, Iowa, WHO radio
1980, Kansas City, MO, KCMO radio
1981, Kansas City, MO, KC Star Newspaper
1981, American Business Women’s Association guest speaker
1982, Martin Marietta Corp. featured speaker
1983, University of Colorado, Colo. Springs
1984, Ft. Collins Public Schools, Greeley Grade School guest teacher
1985, Detroit FM radio
1986, Ann Arbor, MI radio
1987, South Bend, IN radio
1987, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1988, Indianapolis, IN radio
1989, Madison, WI radio and newspaper
1990, Armed Forces Radio
1992, Anchorage, Alaska radio
1995, Tokyo, Japan Radio
1997, England, radio
2004, Scotland, radio
2007, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
2007-2013, Still Mind Present Moment Open Heart Teaching- Dallas, Texas, Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN, Louisville, KY, OKC, OK, Cincinnati, Ohio, Bolingbrook, IL, Springfield, Kansas City and St. Louis Missouri, Tulsa, OK., Palatine, IL., urbana, IL, Fort Worth, Texas, Desmoines, Iowa


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