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Dr. Damian Blair Nordmann is the President of the School of Metaphysics, a 501(c)(3) educational and service organization headquartered in Windyville, MO, USA.  He has been teaching the Mastery of Consciousness course since 1995.  He is the author of the book The Inner Secrets of Astrology and offers the day long seminar Your Twelve Sacred Relationships, which is largely based on his research into astrology and his experience teaching hundreds of students at the School of Metaphysics for over twenty years.  Dr. Nordmann has recorded over 6547 of his own dreams and has interpreted many of them for his own self-development and for the benefit of aiding others to understand the nightly messages from within. 


Formal Education

Doctorate of Metaphysics, School of Metaphysics, 2011

Doctorate of Divinity, School of Metaphysics, 2005

Certified Psi Counselor, School of Metaphysics, 2007

Qui Docet Discit, School of Metaphysics, 2001

Responere, School of Metaphysics, 1995


1995 – Present, Instructor, School of Metaphysics

Dr. Nordmann has taught the Mastery of Consciousness course offered by the School of Metaphysics for two decades.  He now offers instruction to advanced classes including the Second and Third Cycles of lessons of the SOM study.  The School of Metaphysics ideal is to aid any individual to become a Whole, Functioning Self.  The coursework is a step-by-step practice of mental and spiritual discipline, teaching essential life skills such as self respect, undivided attention, concentration, memory, listening, imagination, reasoning, breath work, and intuition.  Classes include direct experience with visualization, goal-setting, dream interpretation, Holy Scripture interpretation, prayer, meditation, relaxation, energization of mind and body, honing intuitive faculties, and producing mindful change and growth.  Dr. Nordmann has also taught several elective classes to his students including his Leadership Class, Public Speaking Class, and Self Worth Class.

2002 – 2003 Initiated first Society for Intuitive Research as a student organization at the University of Oklahoma

The School of Metaphysics has been offering guidance through its Intuitive Reports since its inception in 1973.  Intuitive Reports are specific offerings of insight that come directly from the Subconscious Mind, or Inner Levels of Consciousness.  These reports are provided by teams of two, an Intuitive Reporter and a Conductor, and they are given to individuals to assist them in their conscious growth and progression.  Some of these reports include Intuitive Health Analyses, Past Life Profiles, Past Life Crossings, Creative Mind Reports, Dharma Reports, and Healer’s Portraits.

Anyone who has received one of these Intuitive Reports automatically becomes a member of the Society for Intuitive Research.  In 2002 – 2003  Dr. Nordmann worked with a group of people to study and explore the intuitive research provided by the School of Metaphysics.  Most of these individuals were students or graduates of the University of Oklahoma (OU).  The attractiveness of the intuitive research and the inspiration of the group led to the forming of the first official Society for Intuitive Research student organization that met weekly on the OU campus.

2004 – 2006 Area Director (South Area)

Dr. Nordmann served as the Area Director for School of Metaphysics branches in Oklahoma City, OK, Tulsa, OK, and Dallas, TX for two years.  During this time he aided the teachers and directors of those branches to clarify their ideals and goals and to take the steps needed to realize their personal visions.  He also coordinated and led the premiere of the School of Metaphysics’ film, The Silver Cord, which was shown at the movie theater on the campus of the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK.  The Silver Cord is a film documenting the past lifetimes of ten individuals as an illustration of the journey a soul takes throughout its existence in space, time, and consciousness. 

2006 – 2015 Field Director, Texas

Dr. Nordmann moved to Dallas, Texas in 2006 serve as both Director and Field Director for that branch.  Using all that he had learned from his many years of study, application, and teaching he guided the Dallas branch to grow from two students to over sixty students within just two years’ time.  Over the next five years the Dallas branch of the School of Metaphysics was the largest branch of the SOM ranging from 35 to 62 students.

2011 – Opened Fort Worth Branch

In 2010 Dr. Nordmann initiated steps to open a new branch of the School of Metaphysics in Fort Worth, Texas.  He worked closely with one of his students in this endeavor.  Together they forged new relationships with the Chamber of Commerce,  business owners, professionals, spiritual seekers, and all manner of people in the community.  In April of 2011 the first class in Fort Worth commenced.  The Fort Worth branch has since grown to be one of the most thriving branches of the SOM. 

Interfaith Community of Metaphysics Minister

The Interfaith Community of Metaphysics embraces the origin of all religions through understanding, teaching, and preaching Universal Law and Truth.  Reverend Nordmann offers  spiritual counseling, sermons, house blessings, and officiates at marriages and other spiritual rites of passage.  In 2005 he also assisted his family to express and compose the eulogy for his cousin.

2013 – 2014  Vice President, School of Metaphysics

Prior to becoming the President of the School of Metaphysics Dr. Nordmann served for a year as its Vice President.  During this time there was no President so he performed a number of duties in place of the President including, functioning as MC at large gatherings at School of Metaphysics World Headquarters, leading meetings of the Board of Directors, and presiding over ceremonies and graduations. 

2014 – Present  President, School of Metaphysics

As President of the School of Metaphysics, Dr. Nordmann has a vision of wholeness, prosperity, and infinite possibilities for those who are served and influenced by the SOM.  He has a desire to integrate all sectors of life such as business, spirituality, health, intentional community, agriculture, science, and entertainment.  His greatest desire is to aid individuals to fulfill their own wholeness through self discovery, self discipline, and self mastery.

2007 – Present Psi Counselor

Psi counseling is intuitive counseling that uses the whole mind, designed to aid a client to discover the original causal attitudes and develop creative solutions.  Psi counseling is an excellent tool for those who want to discover their vocation of destiny or a higher level of fulfillment in life.  Dr. Nordmann often incorporates School of Metaphysics Intuitive Reports or astrology into his style of Psi Counseling.

2006 – Present Mentor, Spiritual Focus Sessions

Spiritual Focus Sessions are three day experiences that concentrate on one area of spirituality and offer transformational practices to the participants who attend.  Each Spiritual Focus Session includes a specialized intuitive report that corresponds to the session’s theme.  These sessions are held at School of Metaphysics Headquarters in Windyville, MO.  Dr. Nordmann is the in-house mentor for the Genius Code Spiritual Focus Session, which instructs participants to explore how they have created their life to this point and gives tools for living their most fulfilling creative potential.  Dr. Nordmann has occasionally been the in house mentor for the Kundalini Rising session as well.  He says, These two sessions and their corresponding intuitive reports, the Creative Mind Report and the Transference of Energy Report, fit together like a hand in glove.  These two sessions are now offered back to back so participants can experience the magnified benefits of their complementary nature if they so desire. 

Media (Radio, Television, and Print)

Dr. Nordmann has been interpreting dreams on radio, television, and newspapers since 1996.  He has been interviewed by newspapers and featured on television and radio programs in Springfield, MO, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, OK, and Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.  Some of the most notable are below.

2001 – 2002:  Wrote a dream interpretation column called R.E.M.nants in Oklahoma City’s weekly paper, The Oklahoma Gazette.

March 2007 – June 2008:  Hosted a dream interpretation call in show every Thursday night from 9 PM to 11 PM on KDMX – Mix 102.9 which is currently known as NOW 102.9. 

2013 – 2014:  Appeared four times on KTXD’s The Broadcast to talk about dream interpretation and related topics offered by the School of Metaphysics. 

Part I KTXD The Broadcast 2014 (National Dream Hotline®)
Part II KTXD The Broadcast 2014 (National Dream Hotline®)

Lectures & Presentations

Dr. Nordmann has benefited hundreds of people through speaking engagements over the years.  He has offered Universal Truth and wisdom to many groups and several locations including:

du Pont Manual High School, Louisville, KY

Piedmont High School, Piedmont, OK

Bank of Louisville, Louisville, KY

The University of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Community College, Tulsa, OK

The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Oklahoma City Community College, OKC, OK

Oklahoma City University, OKC, OK

University of Texas, Dallas Campus, Dallas, TX

Publicis International Advertising Agency, Dallas, TX

Bikram Yoga Dallas, Dallas, TX

Gilda’s Club, Dallas, Dallas, TX

Unity Churches – Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Fort Worth

Borders and Barnes & Nobel Bookstores – Dallas & Fort Worth, TX and OKC & Tulsa, OK

Rotary clubs in Oklahoma City, OK and Dallas, TX

Quest Diagnostics, Irving, TX

Harris Methodist Hospital, Fort Worth, TX

Decision Analyst , Arlington, TX

The 26th Annual Crimes Against Children Conference, Dallas, TX

Medical Center of Plano, Plano, TX

Dallas Childrens’ Advocacy Center, Dallas, TX

2012 – Crowe Collection Lecture Series

In 2012 Dr. Nordmann offered a ten part lecture series once a month called Becoming a 2012 Avatar at the Crowe Collection for Asian Art in Downtown Dallas, TX.  These presentations combined wisdom from ancient Asian Holy Books such as the Tao Te Ching, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Dhammapada with School of Metaphysics teachings about mind and consciousness and synthesized them with clips from the Nickelodeon animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.  The lecture series was well received by people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

Dream Research

Dr. Nordmann has been recording his dreams since the first night he started taking classes at the School of Metaphysics on January 11th, 1994.  As of March 25th, 2015 he has recorded 6547 dreams and has interpreted and applied many of them to transform his daily life experience.  In 2009 and 2010 he also set a goal to record a dream every morning for a year.  He achieved this goal minus three days when he could not remember anything specific. 

Business Mission Analysis

The Business Mission Analysis, also known as the Intuitive Business Analysis, is one of the most profound Intuitive Reports offered by the School of Metaphysics.  It may be the greatest tool any entrepreneur, manager, or CEO could ever get his or her hands on.

The Business Mission Analysis identifies specifically what causes a business or company to operate the way it does from the attitudes of its top directing intelligence to how specific employees are carrying out their duties and responsibilities.  Because the information gleaned is intuitive it cuts through countless hours, days, and months of trial and error that most business leaders have to go through.  The Business Mission Analysis can offer accurate suggestions for owner/leader vision, employee development, advertising, expansion strategies, building improvements, company direction, best practices, and what point of focus will produce the greatest result with the least amount of effort.

Dr. Nordmann has offered consulting to businesses in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, and Oklahoma City, OK, through the Business Mission Analysis.  He loves aiding small, medium, and large businesses to grow and prosper.  He intends to expand this service over the next several years.


2002  Contributor for How to Raise an Indigo Child by Dr. Barbara Condron

2008  Contributor for Lucid Dreaming edited by Teresa Martin and Dr. Laurel Clark.

2015  The Inner Secrets of Astrology

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