Atlantis Excerpt

Beyond written history stretches the vast record of experience on this earthly plane. Atlantis belongs to this time. Before the Sumerians, before the Yellow Emperor, before Sanskrit and the Aboriginal teachings, even before the pyramids and the Sphinx, were the people and the land known as Atlantis.

The intuitive prosearch being done today at the School of Metaphysics reaches past the fringes of human memory to describe the intentions, decisions, actions, and records left from these people. As revealed through the Atlantean Profiles, Atlantis was a time period, a place, a group of people, and most importantly a consciousness. This report seeks connections between the ancient past and the technological present. Here the technology of consciousness is recovered and the door opens to the possibilities only possible now, in the present time period.

These reports interact with cellular memory thus transforming the recipient sense through where their wisdom takes them. What these reports speak to the individual is soul stirring. What they say to and about all of us is revelatory.

Atlantean Profile 1

You will search for the identity of the entity referred to as *****. You will search for the Atlantean experience which most closely synchronizes with this one’s experience of Intuitive Spiritual Man.

There are several.


There are several. However, this one is the most pertinent to the present time period. This one is within the land area referred to as Egypt. This one is within the line of royalty and this one is in a position to respond to Atlanteans who are seeking some kind of interaction or communication, some kind of agreement some kind of cooperation. This one has many preconceived ideas concerning this. There have been those concepts that have been passed down to this one that this one has absorbed without question. We see that this one has seen these bear true, therefore, this one has in his own experience created a certain expectation and prejudice concerning these other ones.

We see that this one becomes involved in the restrictions of these thoughts and we see that it does cloud this one’s vision and it does cause there to be a holding back or retarding of this one’s use of energies. We see that there is disdain present within this one toward those who would seek help. We see that this then rules this one’s consciousness and the ensuing choices or decisions that are made. It causes there to be a kind of antipathy that exists between this one and his people and the Atlantean delegations that are intriguing these ones. There is an incredible amount of pride that this one has in the accomplishments of the people, his people, and the life style that they feel responsible for maintaining. We see that this for the most part is physicalized and we see that there is much attachment to what this one owns and what this one believes he is responsible for. This includes many people, it includes many substances and many forms and we see that this is paramount in this one’s mind. There is an intense need to protect these things and this is the entering of fear into this one’s consciousness. This has not been present in his predecessors, but it is present in this one. This is the reason why this one rejects the Atlanteans, for he sees them as a symbol of his own fear.

He, therefore, does cause there to be warring efforts on the part of his people towards those that have come in good faith and we see that this adds to a division between the two groups that is not new, but it strengthens it. This one often has misgivings concerning this, however, this one does not know how to work with the consciousness in such a way so as to cause there to be a change. This one feels the need to hold onto the pride and the sense of protectiveness that this one has invested so much of the self into. Therefore this one continually replays these constellations of consciousness over and over again in effort to affirm the correctness of his actions. This then does not allow for other expressions of consciousness to have a way to express themselves between, with or within this one. This is all.

How was this one referred to in that time period?


Who was this one’s teacher or adviser or the one over this one, above this one?


How would this time period be referred to?

This would be following the latter part of the Fourth Cycle of Atlantis. It would be approximately 40,000 years ago from present time.

Would you relate suggestions for this one to move forward into resonance of Intuitive Spiritual Man?

Once again this one has a sense of self and a sense of pride in the accomplishments of the self that are very strong. We see that this is the ability for autonomy and for self reliance that this one values very highly. We see that there is therefore a sense of needing once again to protect that which this one has accumulated. We see that this is due to the ways in which this one thinks physically and bases the consciousness or the thoughts in the physical existence or the structure rather than that which causes the structure to be what it is or that which energizes the structure.

We see that this one is curious about that which does form the cause or the consciousness, however, there is not yet the embracing of this one in understanding the kind of movement that can occur within Self when the consciousness is altered. There is some fear associated with this. This is similar to the same fear that this one experienced in the past period related. The continuation of this fear is the continuation of the attachment to what has been and as this one will endeavor to fully be within the present period there will not be the fear of losing that which has been for there will come into the consciousness the realization that all that has been that is of value is present.

It is the deception within the consciousness of the self, within his own consciousness, that limits this one’s view and the deception is the attachment to the physicality of the idea. As this one begins to become more centered within the heart, within the capacity for love, then there would the openness that is needed and that this one is capable of in the present time period. This too will require a lessening of this one’s attachment to the physical structures and the physical manifestation of thought. An expansion of this one’s awareness to the point of movement or energy of how these things come into being. This is all.

Any suggestions of this one being more centered in the heart?

To value the welfare of others and to use this as a point of concentration. To constantly move the attention towards it and when it is distracted to place it back upon the welfare of others. It is through this constant devotion that this one will find that he is free to fully give and receive and through this the heart will open. This one need not fear for himself. This one need not fear that he will lose or that he will miss or that he will be cheated. It is only in the transforming of this one’s line of attention, the focus, that this will be realized.

Is this all?

This is all.

Very well, relax. (2-23-02-BGC-5)

Atlantean Profile 2

You will search for the identity of the entity referred to as ******. You will search for the Atlantean experience which most closely synchronizes with this one’s experience of Spiritual Intuitive Man.

This would be within the area referred to as Egypt. It would be in the time period of Atlantis of the Third Cycle. This one’s purpose was to be a channel for energies that were moving into the earth and were being transformed so that there could be the utilization of a physical form that would sustain itself. We see that this was the reason for this one manifesting a physical form. We see that this one, once consciousness began to grow, as this duty was fulfilled, and we see that as the consciousness began to become active there was some discomfort experienced. We see that although there were those that were present to aid this one in becoming awake this one resisted this and this did add to the discomfort and pain. We see that there was an incredible amount of information that was being transmitted through this one and we see that there was the development of a separation in this one’s ego in wanting to hold on to the information that was being transmitted. We see that there was recognition on the parts of those who were entrusted with this endeavor and we see that because there was not the openness in the communication or the exchange of energies with those ones this one was removed from this duty.

This was seen as a great disgrace for we see that it was such a highly valued position that this was to be greatly desired by all and therefore to be removed from it in this fashion was emotionally disconnecting. This one did not know what he had experienced at first. There was merely a sense of emptiness or deadening. There were those who did take this one and attempt to work with this one or reestablish the internal ability to communicate but there had been a separation between the consciousness and it’s connection with both the Source as well as the ability to communicate what would be now mind to mind and there was not the knowing of how to communicate through the emotions into the physical level therefore this one was in a kind of purgatory state for some time.

Eventually there were arrangements made by those who sought to help this one for this one to be removed into the Atlantean area and we see that this was accomplished. This one was then taken in by a group of Atlanteans in order to be studied and for this one to be helped or aided in some way. There was significant advances that some of the Atlanteans had made concerning the development of the levels of consciousness and the emotions. We see that there were spheres that were being created in constellations of energies and the way that they would interplay one to the other. We see that this group of people had done significant developments in that regard and were able to help others and therefore there were those who had sent this one here for that purpose.

We see that they did work with this one and we see that there were tremendous amounts of fear that this one had in regards to these people for they were different and this one had very little dealings with anyone other than his own people. We see that there was an incredible amount of rejection or friction created. However, with the working with these people there was the utilization of energies that enabled this one to become aware of the stream of information that had once flowed through his consciousness and into his physical form. There were remnants of these. There were echoes of these and yet this one could not really interpret them. He knew they were present but he could not interpret them.

We see that there were individuals who were called into the group to assist this one to that regard but what, much of what this one had experienced was foreign to the Atlanteans and therefore they could only study it and record it. They could not align their own consciousness with it to be able to understand it. What they could offer was a means by which the reasoning would be developed so that there could be the interpretation within this one’s own consciousness. This one had great difficulty in being able to master memory so that the imagination could function more wholly. We see the degree to which this one became caught up in merely observing all the kinds of memories that were being presented to the consciousness was the degree to which this one remained trapped between the inner and outer mind. This is all.

What was the original discomfort referred to? What was that discomfort?

Velocity. This is the best word to describe it.

Velocity of what?

The rate of dissemination of energies pouring through this one’s form were such that this one, once awakened could not assimilate it. This is all.

What was the nature of the information, knowledge or consciousness that was coming through?

This was genetic encoding.

This one says “from where came – the genetic coding?”

From those who had seeded the planet.

Why did this one resist help?

The connection, the mental connection had been broken had been interrupted and therefore the means of communication which was familiar was no longer there. There was nothing readily to replace it and so there was not the ability to interpret energies and this was a source of what this one now would understand as fear.

Could you give a more detailed description of the spheres that were used?

This was in the movement of thought. It was in the actual integrity of thought structure that could replicate and sustain itself.

How is this one referred to?


Very well. You will relate suggestions that will assist this one in moving forward into resonance as Intuitive Spiritual Man.

In the present time period we see that this one has a greater command of attention and that this is the key for this one being able to utilize the connected consciousness within the Self. We see that once again this one falls into patterns that are not necessarily of his own making. This one has an incredible ability to receive from others and we see that this one needs to develop a comparable skill in being able to discern and to perceive the origin of emotion rather than the experience of it. We see that there is a need also for this one to be able to assimilate and this will come by development of the will that will sustain the attention in the present. As this one’s attention is in the present this one has the capacity to assimilate at the rate that thought moves. However, when this one is in the past or in the future in this one’s thought, this one loses this ability. It becomes a debilitating factor for this one once again rather than to return this one’s mind, this one’s consciousness or thought to the present time this one will then allow the Self to slip and to slide into either imagining or recalling which have no grounding in the present time nor does it have any relevance. It’s energy then begins to deplete itself and it causes there to be a similar disruption in this one’s thinking as before.

There is the ability once again for this one to be connected to energies which are far beyond his own. We see in being able to offer the Self in that way is the ability to transcend the limitations that have held this one previously. We see that there is the need for this one to appreciate and respect the movement of energy through the emotions as there is still difficulty in that regard. We see that this one often shuts down the emotions rather than to wallow in them. We suggest that this one begin realizing that there are many more experiences than these two and to be caught in those opposites is to remain in a similar condition than this one was previously.

We see that there is also a need for this one in being present to begin to open the ability again of being able to have mind to mind communication with others and to respect the Self and others in this regard. For we see that this is a quality that this one needs to become conscious of. It is part of the Self but it has not been brought into the movement of the consciousness on a moment to moment basis. As this one would gain the art of respect this one would then use the reasoning to a great advantage to produce the intuition that is its destiny rather than to remain at the mercy of the brain and the information that is flooding into it. This is all.

The voice or the voices that this one receives during intuitive breathing sessions – is that relevant to what has been given?

This is a stimulus for this one to remember and to recall the connection with that which is greater. It is the way that this one interprets this at this time. It is a real part of this one’s experience and it is to be respected and valued and brought forward into the consciousness to become part of this one’s being.

This entity says, “Can you give me more explanation of how respect is being referred to?? What is meant by this”

It is the freedom to respond. It is the developed capacity to utilize reasoning in the present moment to be able to unlock the will and the perception which enables the consciousness, the thinker to be able to see from all points of view. This then is the absolute consciousness. It is the inclusive consciousness.

Is this all then.


Very well, then relax. (2-23-02-BGC-9)

Atlantean Profile 3

You will search of the identity of the entity referred to as *****. You will search for the Atlantean experience which most closely synchronizes with this one’s experience of Intuitive Spiritual Man.

This is within the Fourth Cycle of Atlantis. We see that this one has great difficulty in being able to accept the conditions that are present within this time. We see that there is a great deal of animalistic behavior that this one sees upon the parts of others, particularly in the attempts for survival and in the attempts for being able to utilize the physical form with some dexterity. This one is much more refined in the thinking and therefore in the ability. This is a constant affront to this one. We see that this one does not desire to stay within this kind of environment. We see that as a result this one does leave this area and travels to what would be within the present time period South America. This one joins a group of people that have emigrated there before. We see that there is the attempt upon these one’s parts to establish a kind of society or working together, a community, that is more according to their ideals and their desires. There is a kind of sacredness, a kind of gentleness, a kind of compassion that exists within this group for the most part in thought. However, in the moving of this through the consciousness into the physical actions, there are many challenges. We see that there are those within the group who tend to interpret and respond or react in ways that remind this one of those that this one was running away from. This one sees some of these ones as being just as animalistic as those that were left behind. It seems even more so within this environment because the quality of it is so different.

We see that as this one begins to fall into greater and greater degrees of judgement of what is wrong or what is bad or what is not desirable, then this one becomes more and more caught up in that which this one fears. This one begins to believe that she was better off in the native land and returns there. There is some recognition at that point of a greater amount of compassion upon this one’s part toward those within this homeland, for we see that this one has reached a degree of perspective and awareness of needs and the fulfillment of them. This does not replace the fear, however, it does cause there to be some softening of this one’s fear and limitation. This is all.

How would this group in South America be referred to that this one traveled to?

It would be what became Inca.

What was the method of transportation that this one used to go from Atlantis to South America and back?

This was a projection device that skimmed the water. It could fly. It was powered by the water itself.

Very well. You will relate suggestions that will assist this one in moving forward into resonance as Intuitive Spiritual Man.

There is a great urge once again with this one to produce forward motion not only for the Self, but for all. We see that this is a great strength within this one. We see that there is difficulty again in this one’s construction of thought in regards to the outer physicality or conditions that are created by self and others. We see that this one once again sees them as being highly animalistic in many ways. We see that there is a need for this one to cause the attention to be within the present so that this one might open the vision to the future.

At the present time period, the way in which this one uses consciousness moment to moment is linked to the past rather than to the present. In as much as this occurs, there is no link to the vision that this one is attempting to build. Therefore, this one keeps recreating the same image over and over again. We see that there is once again the attempt to change this by changing the physicalness of the life. However, as occurred within the past, although there is stimulus in this, there is not the kind of change that this one is looking for. That kind of transformation will only occur in the consciousness of this one as this one is willing to become more responsible in the physical mind so that there can be the claiming of the mind as a whole.

The way that this one tends to run away or to avoid in the present time period is to seek refuge in the emotions in withdrawal of the attention. This has been seen by this one as unproductive and actually more difficult than that which this one was trying to escape from. It will be helpful, as this one begins to learn how to manipulate energies in the Self, to be able to manifest thoughts and to accept them as they are in the present rather than always trying to tie them to something that is out of the present time and space. It is this present-mindedness that will keep this one connected to the inner sense of duty and the inner urge that does drive this one. This is where this one’s sights need to be directed and this is the awareness that this one needs to bring into fruition in the present moment. This is all.

Any suggestions for this one in helping to keep the self in the present — the attention, the mind, the thoughts, the consciousness?

This one needs to purposefully give the Self things to look forward to. Therefore, the setting of goals is very important in giving this one a focus of what this one is to do today in order to exist as this one desires tomorrow. This is a mastery and an art that this one needs to command.

Is this all?

This is all.

Very well, relax. (2-23-02-BGC-4)

Atlantean Profile 4

You will search for the essence of the entity referred to as ****** and you will search for the Atlantean experience which most closely synchronizes with this one’s experience of Spiritual Intuitive Man.

This would be in the Third Cycle of Atlantis. This one was invested in the creation of ways in which the form could be manifested. We see that this one had exceptional reasoning skills. This one had built the memory and this one was beginning to utilize imagination in ways in ways that few were. We see that in so doing, this one had the ability to remain connected with the Source, and in so doing this one was then able to manifest the consciousness of the Source into the physical structures. We see that this was recognized by others and it was deemed as being valuable and therefore this one was employed toward this end. We see that there was an incredible sense of destiny that was attached to this that this one was willing to receive into the Self. This one felt that her abilities were such that they did meet the requirement of what was wanted from her and we see that this one was happy to give it. We see, however, that there were times in which this one was exhausted or depleted in that this one did not know how to recycle the energies within herself and therefore this one would expend large amounts of energy and then need to recover. We see that much of this was due to the sixth level being under-developed within this one. We see that much of this experience was in this one being able to build this in the Self while this one was seeking to align consciousness with the physical structures to manifest the plan, in essence.

After a period of time, this one was debilitated by this and had to pull the self away from this work. There were those that became very anxious and experienced different kinds of emotions concerning this movement upon her part, but we see that nevertheless the energies were so confused, this was really the only course of action to take. It was during this time that this one left this land area and went to the area of Tibet. We see that it was during this period that this one brought to the self certain disciplines that did aid greatly in the stabilization of the emotional level of consciousness. This one then returned to the work, and was able to continue for some time in producing significant manifestations that did aid in the movement forward of the evolutionary process for the entire people. This one was able to influence others with her knowledge and to interact her energies with them and in this way to achieve forms of consciousness that had not been present before. This was in large part because of what this one had learned during the time away and it was this one’s utilization of this knowledge that was gained that proved to be the significant factor that caused there to be transformations in the work and accelerations in the work. This is all.

What was the method of transport or transportation that this one used to move from Atlantis to Tibet?

This one used animals for the most part. There was some walking.

Very well. You will relate suggestions that will assist this one in moving forward into resonance as Intuitive Spiritual Man.

We see within the present time period this one has gained much from the repeated use of the expression of thought into the physical. We see that this one has a certain developed ability that is highly developed in the understanding and utilization of emotion. This has brought this one a kind of clarity that is building in the present time period and this one has brought into her existence the ability to reason. We see it is only when this one becomes caught in feeling depleted, or feeling like this one has given more than has been received, or when this one expends energy and does not know how to return it, or when this one ceases to recycle energies that are produced, that this one has difficulty once again. We see that this one is once again bringing the knowledge of such into the Self. We see, therefore, that there are significant ways in which this one is bringing forth and accelerating the evolution of herself and others through the present choices that are being made in how this one forms thought, in how this one moves consciousness, and in how this one understands the nature of Self. There is a great ability that this one has to employ reasoning that will aid this one through the understanding and the compassion to develop the will and perception that is within this one’s reach. It is this that this one was seeking to initiate in the past period related. It is at this point that this one can reach a point of fruition with it. This is all.

Any suggestions on how to bring forth this fruition in consciousness?

It is already happening. This one only need cooperate and become more attentive to the ebb and flow of the movement of thought within the Self and how this one moves thought between the Self and others. It is a beauty in its expression and this one needs to become cognizant of it. It is already occurring for this one.

Is this all?

This is all.

Very well, relax. (2-23-02-BGC-7)

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