Answer to Question 9


9 Dreams hold significance to the dreamer
and sometimes many others.

The most common experience of
intuition is dreams. Dreaming reveals the
inner mind’s intuitive range. At night, when
you’re dreaming, information from the
subconscious mind is seeking to become
known to your conscious, waking mind. When you’re attuned to your
dreams, you can receive information from your soul about how to live
a fulfilling life.

The creative genius is mindful of dreams, seeking to incorporate
nocturnal images into his or her waking work. The list is indeed impressive
– from Danish physicist Niels Bohr who conceived the model
of an atom from a dream, to composer George Frederic Handel who
heard the last movements of The Messiah during a dream, from Elias
Howe who received in a dream the image of the kind of needle design
required for a lock-stitch sewing machine to Google, dreams have
influenced the way we live.

All of our lives are enriched when people cooperate with the intuitive
workings of their inner minds. Global research at dreamschool.
org indicates that the increased subconscious activity prevalent in the
outstandingly creative, will increasingly be experienced by all of us.


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