Answer to Question 8

8 Life is what I make it.

Creativity does its best work when it functions intuitively. Creative
people are highly intuitive. They are not afraid of harmonizing
their minds with the Universal Laws that govern creation.
In her book, The Law of Attraction and other secrets of
visualization, Dr. Laurel Clark writes, “The Law of Attraction operates
even when you do not know exactly how you will fulfill a desire. It
ensures that you will be in the right place at the right time for things
to ‘click’ into place.”
This clicking is the harmonizing of conscious and
subconscious minds, the action we term intuition.

“Your job is to create the clear thought form which initiates the
process, then to move toward it with activity,” she writes. “The conscious
mind needs to decide, to be definite. Out of infinite possibilities
choose exactly what you want.


“Once you have created the clear and
definite thought form, the subconscious
mind can do its work of drawing to you
the people, places, and things which
are compatible. Or you will be drawn to
people, places, and things which match your desire.”

This is the science behind intuition. Beyond superstitions and
our penchant for magical answers and remedies, is the sound basis of
physics that studies the principles at work as man goes about fulfilling
his needs in creative ways.

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