Answer to Question 5

5  I indulge in a daily ritual that leaves me relaxed and poised.

Conscious relaxation allows the mind to completely be present
in the body. Think of the power of human touch to focus mind, body,
and spirit to a single point. That is the simple impact of acupuncture.
In the hands of a trained and intuitively aware therapist, those 7
octillion atoms are rearranged along with the emotional residue of a
day’s living. The body becomes free and the mind,–light. In a great
expansive universe, you know exactly where you are. That is the gift of

Daily rituals bring conscious awareness to what is valuable
enough to invest all of who we are in the Truths they carry. The most
enduring daily ritual you have been practicing since birth, you are doing
right now. Unconsciously. Do you know
what it is?


It is breathing in, and breathing out.
Consciously breathing in and breathing
out is a ritual which has been taught for
thousands of years in India. Breathing can
determine the gender of a fetus, cool the
brain of psychological imbalances, optimize
learning, and yes, open intuitive channels for creating. Learning the
art of breathing properly realigns mind, body and spirit encouraging a
range of intuitive experience that most people only read about.

are calm

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