Answer to Question 4

4RealizeConnection4  I have met people who I seem to have known all my life.

This realization often begins with
psychic phenomena. Mind reading may
seem like the stuff of fantasy and pseudoscience,
but it’s actually something we do every day. Psychologists
call this empathic accuracy. It refers to how accurately one person
can infer the thoughts and feelings of another person. It is “reading”

When you watch your team play, you can get “caught up in
the spirit” of the victory or the defeat. Men tend to act upon those
emotions. Women tend to be moved by watching a couple embrace
on television. Just about anyone will feel a creepy sensation if they
see a spider crawling up someone’s leg. Science studies this as mirror
neurons even noting the lack of them in cases of autism. Similarly,
when you observe someone reach out to a friend and they are pushed
away, your brain registers the sensation of rejection.

Recognition of this kind of social emotional connection is an early
stage of Intuitive Thinking. It is a reacting phase which introduces
us to the relativity that thoughts can be projected and received. Our
thoughts have an impact within ourselves and upon others. Eventually
this sensitivity can mature into empathy, what one Intuition

Analysis describes as “the ability to align the consciousness with another
and to absorb their consciousness.”
realize their
with others.

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