Answer to Question 2

2  People consider me thoughtful and thorough.

Intuitive Thinkers give the mind the respect it deserves. When I
use the word mind, I am not talking about the brain. The brain is part
of the body. It has a specialized function just as the heart and gut do.

Mind is the expression of intelligence through the individual.
IT_PowerFocusWhen the mind is focused upon a single point, idea, task, its
power is activated – just like when you use your computer. Booting up
the computer is like waking up your
body – programs, connections, possibilities
become available. The person
turning on the computer, writing the
programs, supplying the wireless
technology is like “the mind.”

To know the difference between
the person and the computer may
seem funny, yet, it is the beginning of
Mindfulness. How many times have you been around someone who
couldn’t get their document to print only to find out the printer wasn’t turned on?

As with the printer, intuition is turned on through acting
on a desire to know.

possess the
Power of

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