Answer to Question 10

10 I consider myself a forgiving person.

To be free is to stay in motion. This means staying fluid, not get
mired by taking sides. For this to happen, the Conscious Mind must
make peace with its limited nature. Sometimes this puts you in opposition
with yourself or with people in your environment. So how do
you get along with others while sustaining your internal integrity?


It helps to realize that Subconscious Mind only stores
understood experiences. These understandings are a wellspring of
personal integrity flowing outward in a stream of
consciousness we call intuition. Most of us experience
this flow in relationships with others as we
grow through six timeless virtues comprising our
capacity for love and compassion. Forgiving is
one of these.

The greatest expression of forgiving is
experienced within.

The Dream Consciousness Circuit© is an internal embrace with the soul’s mate.
The circuit begins with awareness of receiving a dream upon awakening in the morning.
Interpreting the dream is like opening the day’s mail and allowing its
contents to affect the accomplishments in your day. Before retiring for
the night, reflecting upon the day’s journey invites wisdom to come
again. Although hard wired into the soul code, you must plug into
the truer reality it afford.

This internal giving and receiving is the living example of conscious
cocreation characteristic of Intuitive Thinkers. When they do not
remember a dream, they keep dreaming! That’s intention.


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