Planting of the Tetrahedron

by Dr. Daniel Condron

A beautiful autumn day welcomed the students to a wonderful, amazing event at the College of Metaphysics.

The occasion was the planting of a sacred geometric form on the campus of the College of Metaphysics.

The site was chosen by Dr. Daniel Condron. The site chosen is on a hill running almost due west of the College campus. Dr. Condron used his mind and body to discern energy patterns and areas of strong energies on the College of Metaphysics campus. These power energy sites are intersections of ley lines located on the 1500 acres of the College of Metaphysics campus. Ley lines are the energy meridians of Mother Earth, a Living planet. The site was located on the south side of the hill. The site was prepared by leveling the ground and making a slight trench indentation for the triangular base of the structure to be planted. The structure planted was a tetrahedron.

The first tetrahedron

The tetrahedron is the first of five straight-lined structures known as platonic solids. The tetrahedron is formed from a triangular base and three triangular sides.

Although other sacred geometric forms had been planted on the campus in the last few years, this was to be the first tetrahedron. Octahedrons, icosahedrons, and tetrahedrons had all previously been planted on the campus. Now, it was time to plant the tetrahedron. Although sacred geometric forms had already been planted on the College of Metaphysics campus, this site is unique. This is the only site located on campus where there are two different intersections of ley lines located so close to each other. Over a year earlier an octahedron had been planted at the top of the hill. The octahedron is located less than one hundred yards from the site of the planting of the tetrahedron.

I knew from direct perception of energies that planting the tetrahedron would create an interaction of energies with the already planted octahedron. I was aware that this would create an intensifying and more powerful energy vortex.


These sacred forms constructed at the College of Metaphysics are made of copper tubing. Copper is an excellent conductor of energies. The copper forms the framework and shape of the sacred geometric form. The form itself is hollow allowing space to be a part of its nature. This space is then filled by the energy generated by the form itself. In addition, once the sacred geometric form, in this case the tetrahedron, is set in place and activated, the energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky (Father in Heaven) is connected. At that point the sacred geometric form becomes a living machine that acts both as a connector and conduit of energies above and below as well as an energy magnifier due to its particular form. The copper tetrahedron itself stands over seven feet tall enabling people to stand inside it and experience the unique magnification of energies due to its form and copper composition.

On the appointed day, Sunday at the appointed time 11:00 AM, the crowd which consisted of students of the School of Metaphysics branch locations across the United States walked from the Peace Pole to the site of the tetrahedron planting. The students had been at the Peace Pole in order to give certificates to students and teachers that were graduating.


Connecting Earth and Sky

At the completion of the ceremony the students and teachers entered the woods through the campsite and continued eastward coming to the end of the top of the hill where the octahedron and the outdoor chapel are located. The assembly then walked partially down the gentle slope of the south side of the hill to the site where the tetrahedron would be planted. Everyone stood around the tetrahedron as it was moved into place at the exact intersection of the ley lines. I led everyone in singing sacred songs and the spiritual scientific vibration of AUM. Each person had an opportunity to shovel some soil over the base of the tetrahedron in order to secure the foundation of the tetrahedron in the Earth. As this was occurring, I ignited the tetrahedron using prana, Kundalini, and connectedness with Earth and Sky. The tetrahedron, then being activated, began to perform its sacred function of:

  1.  Uniting Earth and Sky
  2. Removing any blockages of energy at this intersection of ley lines, thus aiding to heal Mother
  3. Earth And generate the quality of expansion throughout the campus of the College of Metaphysics as well as throughout the entire School of Metaphysics.

Many people experienced a part of the Divine, or powerful energies during the tetrahedron/ley line experience.

– Aisha Causey
“My experience of the tetrahedron planting turned into a mind experience when Dr. Daniel began igniting and directing the energy that was all around. What I perceived in my mind was Dr. Daniel funneling the energy through himself and streaming it out of his palms. He did this a few times until there was a build up of energy. Then, he directed that energy, with his mind, out into the meta-form. That’s when the magic happened! When the Earth’s energy united with Dr. Daniel’s, the whole tetrahedron lit up with white and radiant blue light. It looked as if it was actually set on fire. This energy swirled around the poles, like a snake coiling itself up a staff, met at the center point at the top, and shot a large bolt of light and energy into the sky. It was a really cool experience, and I’m glad to have perceived it with my mind.”
Since that time many wondrous things have occurred in the School of Metaphysics, such as a student population in the Dallas Branch of the School of Metaphysics that has grown beyond and student count that school has ever had in its history.

Two people who had attained Doctorates in the School of Metaphysics used the Chinese art and science of Feng Shui for ideas on how to improve the energy flow of the main building to campus which has since been implemented.

Dr. Fred Weaver and his wife Sandy have visited the College of Metaphysics campus to teach Food Therapy and Chi Gong. This class benefited everyone greatly. These and many other wonderful things occurred after the planting of the tetrahedron that was not happening before.

Many others of the multitude received wondrous experiences during the planting of the sacred tetrahedron. The energy continues to unfold.•

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