Branch: Des Moines, Iowa

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3715 University
DES MOINES, IA 50311  (Map)
(515) 255-5570







JoAnn Weaver
Growing up (and even now), I felt a pull to metaphysics to try and understand our part in an unknown space. At the same time, I was curious how my reality and yours were created based on experiences growing up. Then, I wandered around looking for answers to other questions. Who am I? What is this thing called purpose? How do I change and why should I? Is there a God? This exploration led me many places but none that gave me something I needed… connection. I wanted like minded people to be curious with me, to encourage me, to hold me accountable and to create a safe space where I could explore the not so pretty things and for me to offer them the same. And, that’s when I found the School of Metaphysics, accidentally. I came for a short course on dreams, but on the wrong night, and stayed for the Mastery of Consciousness course I found myself in. There are no accidents. 


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