UNIVERSAL LAWS that govern creation

It was a simple act. A fish came up to the surface of the pond to snatch a bite for dinner. Hearing the splash, I watched as the ripples spread out. They continued to move in all directions until they reached the edges of the pond. It reminded me of the breadth and reach of every thought we have. It made me realize how important it is to choose our thoughts wisely. And the wisest thought is to constantly remember we are becoming like our God.

–Mari Hamersley
“To have one thought, to know one goal.
To be your Son is all I know.
Oh my Lord. Yes, my Lord.
To you I have come home.”


Why do we get what we want sometimes, and other times what we want eludes us? Why are some born rich, others poor? Why do some have great talent while others are limited in ability? What causes the wind to blow, the earth to explode, the sea to churn?

When you live among nature you can see the ebbs and flows that constitute life. The changing of the seasons, the sprouting of seeds into a plant, the rising and setting of the sun. We learn to be in rhythm with creation. Like the cycles and phases of the Earth’s moon our lives flow.

Universal energy moves in us, through us, and around us. The energy we breathe is the same energy that makes up Earth and the sun and the universe. The patterns and rhythms imply an intelligence, a Creator, imaging how the energy will flow. We call those patterns Universal Laws. To understand them is to come closer to their Creator.

When we look up at the sky at night we marvel at our Universe. There are no strings or gears or generators causing the planets to move or holding stars in place. We stay on this spinning ball whether on its “top” or “bottom” and we wonder, why? Physics tells us it’s gravity – the magnetic pull of the Earth herself. “What causes that pull,” we ask. Metaphysics reaches to answer such questions.

Metaphysics is the study of the laws that govern our Universe and how we can live in harmony with these universal principles that govern creation. Here are thoughts about several of these laws.

How great thou art
little frog in the water
for you are part of heaven
created on earth.
How great thou art
dead and fallen leaf on the ground
for you are part of heaven
created on earth.
How great thou art, oh person
meditating by the pond, for your love and peace and joy also are part of heaven created on earth, fulfilling God’s Holy Plan.

Tad Messenger

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics, updated 2004

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