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You are as you Think

by Jay McCormick

Your core beliefs have a strong influence about your expectations. What we expect flows from our formed beliefs. They determine and set the tone for your expectations. What you expect of yourself in a certain area, tends to come from your experiences of the past.

When a person had gone to school to study a skill or subject area, they have educated themselves within the trade of their choice. Whether it is welding metals together or wielding the stock market, you become trained in the particular details of how to carry out the day to day operations of your job. After completing all the requirements of the institution, you receive a passing grade and have a big graduation ceremony, marking the completion of your education. Your belief is fully formed, as you indeed are fully confident and fully expectant that you now are able to function in the capacity so desired.

There are many other areas of life that we have varying degrees of faith or belief in – or expectation of. Some things in our environment are so certain to you and familiar to you that reoccur with such regular frequency that to believe in their continued happening requires no effort. Things such as the sun rising in the morning is easy to expect, or the belief that you will get up and go to work the next day. Strive to give yourself the experiences that will enable you to expect growth and learning with the same ease.

Expectations must also be employed in causing soul growth. There are institutions and schools of higher learning where one may pursue such spiritual studies, the School of Metaphysics being a pivotal cornerstone of such schools. Life itself, of course is the classroom for all learning. As such, your graduation certificate is enlightenment and it’s presiding school master is God. Promotion occurs in steps, as your consciousness expands. 

Unlike the rewards for physical careers, the value gained from performing your function do not correspond to the type and level of work you do. You may be an international diplomat and your soul may be starving for inner nourishment, and you could be going through your mid-life crisis. What’s it all about? You may ask yourself. On the other hand, you could be learning and relishing the learning from every life experience as a grocery clerk, growing your enlightenment with each passing day. It’s the quality of your life that really matters in the end, the wisdom and power of how not what. 

The very difference between how and what is a matter of where you choose to identify and where you choose to place your value. Physical-outcome-based-only goals will be their own reward, while goals that develop the character in pursuit of your ideals through activity of any kind will be remembered by the soul and stored in your permanent memory. Learn to expect the best from yourself every day, building your expectations from only your most productive experiences of the past. Build your expectations like a ladder reaching up toward the sky.

Doing things in a way that are greater and more expanded than the way we normally do them requires an extra amount of energy and motivation. The mental and physical energy saved from not being spent in upholding limitations can give you just the boost you need. Limitations are like many governmental projects and programs; costly and unneeded. Freeing up the energy can give life and vitality to what takes nothing from you and is most preciously needed. Being inspired can be just the element needed to stimulate you to get going.


Some people come to believe things through courting ideas or “warm up” to the idea over time. For full believer about a new way of life to set in or occur. This warming up occurs when person can see the complete picture

In all cases of creating something in your life, the determining factor of success is your ability to clearly image in your mind the desired outcome. The degree of development of your imagination in large part determines the degree of development in your ability to wield the innate creative power that each person holds. Each person’s mind is equally powerful, but existing in different levels of development. This universal potential stands as a testimony to our infinite creative power and this ability is thus shared by all thinkers.

People get to the point of clarity of their desire where they get excited and say “I can see it, I can really see it!” because they know the manifestation of their sought-after desire is approaching quickly. They have formed a sufficiently clear mental image that includes themselves. This image is clearly perceived or ‘seen’ with the sense of the mind, perception. This clear image then gives rise to the power of belief, the power to active the laws of creation on their behalf. This lays the groundwork for the experience that lies ahead toward what is desired. 

By clearly defining your goals, ideals and dreams you cause connectedness. This creates an assuredness that your desired creation will occur, and gives rise to an inner sense of calm. This calm is the fertile ground of new inspirations and thoughts that can aid in your manifesting creation. It gives rise to inner resources that heretofore were unknown to you. When a thought form is imaged in detail and complete, you have created a belief! 

Dr. Martin Luther King stimulated belief in people getting along to a greater degree with creating a very clear, positive image of children playing in a park together of different races. People called him an inspiring visionary because he could paint a clear image, with emotion, of what his image was. 

When full belief occurs in the mind, people sometimes say “I can see that” almost like the sense of sight present in the eyes is transferred to the mind and what is desired is clearly visualized or “seen”. Imagination is the faculty of mind that is the mental counterpart to the physical sense of sight. When only a partial image of a desired object is in your mind or you can only see your-self partially engaged in the desired activity or way of being , your belief remains incomplete. The experience you desire will allude you. 

The measuring stick for belief can always be the one fundamental question, “do I really see myself in the picture doing this? Am I an active part of what it is I imagine? Because for effective belief to occur, what you must do is formulate an image in your mind that you yourself are a part of. Formulate a thought that is whole and complete, and you will experience the unfoldment of that thought. This is when the door knowing will open. Action toward your desire then becomes very easy.

copyright 2002 School of Metaphysics

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