Love from the book Permanent Healing



from the book Permanent Healing


I honestly believe and have come to know that love is more powerful than hate. I have seen sharing and teaching given with love continue on and on. I have seen seemingly powerful individuals who fell victim to hate, destroy themselves and much of their environment.

Love lasts. Love sustains. Love gives, and gives and gives. In the end love always receives. In the uninhibited giving through the laws of the universe, time, effort, and energy given freely with the best of intentions will return in abundance to the giver.

Never forget this: what you give freely, with the best of intentions, with love, will return to you and you will prosper both in health and wealth as well as friendship.

Never forget this:

what you give freely, with the best of intentions, with love, will return to you and you will prosper both in health and wealth as well as friendship.

What is a friend? How do you recognize a true friend? How shall a true friend be known? How can you be certain when true friendship exists? The answer is this: a friend is a person who aids or helps you fulfill inner desires. This does not mean accumulating all the possessions in the world. This does entail aiding another person along the road of life and helping them in their learning and growth. It means teaching and giving to others the valuable lessons of life you have discovered and found to be true. For truly, as you help others to lead a happier, healthier existence, you help yourself to the same. You, the giver, the teacher, however, now reach a higher level of learning and existence for there is truth to the old adage, he who teaches learns.

As you learn to give and teach and pass on what you are learning, you gradually become a world server, a world class teacher. This is a teacher of the highest order for you are teaching the Master Subject: Mind, Self and the uplifting of humanity.

True love for all humanity is experienced when we create avenues to give to all humanity. Through giving and teaching, the state of awareness on the whole planet is improved and progression towards enlightenment occurs.

Begin each day by loving your Self. End each day by loving your Self. Share your love and giving in between, all day long. You will find your world opens to you and your capacity to receive increases 10-fold, over and over.

Love to give by recognizing that what you give forth freely will return freely with interest. The energy of the universe is never wasted. Nothing is ever wasted by nature. Therefore, do not waste your time, energy, thoughts, money, or health by hoarding. Rather, give freely of your time and attention to the individuals of the universe and it will return to you in abundance.

This is the most important point to keep in mind and practice in order to overcome the disorders mentioned in this book. There are specific mental causes for the physical disorders given. Recognize and be aware of your intention at all times. Make sure it is a productive intention and live life to the fullest.

Communication for Healing

Once a person has experienced or suffered mental, emotional, or physical pain, the result is trauma. Some people carry this trauma with them for the rest of their life allowing it to interfere with the correct and accurate perception of people, places, objects, and experiences in the present.

This attachment to trauma inhibits learning for the individual continues to relive the past through memory which clouds the present day experiences. In order to release this trauma or pain, it must be brought to the surface where it can be examined in the light of awareness. The trauma must be discussed for the first step to permanent healing is communication.

As you describe the source of pain, the mental and emotional hurts are identified more specifically. Eventually, the cause is perceived and correction begins. A mental attitude was begun by your Self and formed over time. Therefore, it will require time and effort to adjust the thinking to a more productive mode. The length of time will be determined by the amount of effort expended in correction. The correction will however be worth every bit of effort many times over.

We often hide behind words. We use them or misuse them as a facade to hide our true thoughts.

I have known many people who have used the word perfect as a way of punishing themselves. They have been taught since childhood that they are supposed to be perfect. Yet, they are not perfect. Therefore, these people must condemn themselves, hurt themselves and be angry with themselves, in their own mind. In short, they think they are bad because they are not perfect. Let’s take a look at the word perfect. If you are perfect, how could you change? For if you are perfect there is nothing more to do or to learn which is nothing more than stagnancy or non-change or non-growth. Without growth there is no life. Death occurs when there is no learning or no growth.

The ideas and thoughts of Self need to be brought out into physical expression in some form. The more one sacrifices their desires and ideas in order to be accepted by others, the farther and farther one will move from their own true thoughts and in time such a person will forget who they really are. There is no such things as the perfect words or a perfect expression. So instead of striving for perfection and punishing Self when you are less than perfect, place the attention on adding to the productive qualities and value you already have. No one can ever be perfect for our universe is one of continual change and motion. Identify with forward motion and growth and you will lead a happy and satisfying life.

The Body is a Feedback System for the Mind

As amazing as it seems the mind has provided for our needs. Whenever one can ask a question, there is an answer. A question most everyone has asked sometime in their life is, “Why did this happen to me?” This question usually follows a traumatic experience. One of the most devastating experiences we can encounter is that of ill health. Suddenly we find ourselves to one degree or another immobile. Even the common cold can be a very bothersome experience.

To get about fulfilling the duties and joys of life, we need a healthy, well functioning body-vehicle. If we want to walk a distance we need feet, legs, hips and lungs that function efficiently. When we eat, we need to have a mouth, throat, teeth, tongue, stomach, and intestines that work efficiently. When we use a typewriter, we expect our eyesight, hearing, sense of touch and coordination to serve us well. When we lift an object, we expect to have strong muscles, back vertebrae in good shape and in alignment, with joints and ligaments in working order.

The body is such an advanced, elaborate, and specific feedback mechanism that it provides clues and answers even to mental and emotional pain and anguish. The body is so specific in its language that it lets any person know the exact mental attitude that is holding back their progression and causing the pain.

For example, the common cold may be used to inform one of the need to make a decision and stop doubting one’s own ability. Kidney stones and difficulty in the urinary system point to the need to stop living in the failures of the past and the need to concentrate on creating success in the present. Difficulties with the liver signal a need to start respecting yourself and create a purpose for living. Difficulties in the area of the pancreas signal the need to give more of yourself in time, energy, and friendship to others. Difficulties with the heart and circulatory system signal the need to be responsible for your own life and your own desires. Disorders within the eliminatory system communicate a need to release the past, to cease holding old memory pictures of pain or worry from the past and instead to focus on the future becoming more productive in the present.

The question has been asked, “If what you say is true, that we do in fact cause our own physical illnesses or dis-ease through the action of our attitudes then does this mean I am a bad or terrible person? After all, why would I do such a terrible thing to myself?” The answer is: need for awareness, lack of education, or ignorance concerning this area of knowledge. In the years to come this knowledge will become available to the entire world and there will be general awareness concerning it.

The major point to realize is that no matter where you are concerning your physical health, there can be a possibility of improvement. Some, upon reading the mental attitude that causes the physical disorder will say, “but I am not like that.” My suggestion to those people is to practice watching their thoughts for one week. Write down and keep a list of every negative thought you have during that week. Write about each anger, fear, doubt, worry, guilt, condemnation, jealousy or manipulation thought you experience. List every I can’t, I shouldn’t, I won’t, I haven’t. In short, list all the not’s, all the negations, all the limitations placed on Self by Self for one week.

At the end of the week you will begin to perceive your mental restrictions and have enough data to begin to isolate the area of restriction for your Self. This is the attitude disorder causing illness.

from the book Permanent Healing by Daniel R. Condron, copyright SOM 1993. 


copyright© 2002, School of Metaphysics

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