Every Child is Talented & Gifted



Every Child is Talented & Gifted

The beauty of the School of Metaphysics is that it is designed for those who want to accelerate their evolution. This school exists for the people who are not satisfied with waiting. They are not the kind of person who tends toward procrastination, they do not just wait and see what happens. This education is for the kind of person who wants to make things happen, who has a vision for the future, and an image of what it means to be enlightened. Such a person emulates Great Masters they have read about, or indeed known, sincerely wanting to be like those people. Such an aspirant desires to be close to his God. He wants to be able to give back to humanity just some of what he has received.

When this type of person is a child, he or she is described as talented and gifted. I became familiar with the real needs of these children years ago when we sponsored a project called Clean Up America. Each year we gave one hundred percent of the money collected for the project to schools for talented and gifted children.

We met with unexpected challenges. With a nation that affords all of its youth a basic education, you would believe we would also respond to the accelerated needs of the future leaders, inventors, visionaries, and explorers. Originally, when we started looking, we found all kinds of schools and programs for what were called “special” kids, children mentally or physically impaired. This was not the case for the quick learners. Schools for the talented and gifted were rare and programs often consisted of one hour a week of studies different from the regular curriculum.

The shocking truth was few people knew enough about how to learn to adequately teach these young minds. This is so important because what happens in the first seven years of our lives lays the foundation, the pattern, for an entire lifetime. These patterns are repeated throughout the life over and over. The strengths as well as the weaknesses. This does not mean that you can’t overcome any kind of adversity that you may experience as a young child. It does mean that what we give a newly incarned soul during the first seven years will make or break that individual for that lifetime.

Applying metaphysical principles and practices in your own life prepares you for parenting. When you know basics of disciplining the mind, you can teach them to a child. Concentration, listening, recall, meditation, relaxation, intuitive skills. Personal responsibility, integrity, wisdom, and a love for Truth. When you learn spiritual principles and practices from a very young age, you can imagine what you might be able to accomplish throughout an entire lifetime.

How and what we teach the youth of the world determines the kind of world we will know in the next ten years, fifty years, the next hundred years. A recent U.S. survey of kindergarten through twelfth grade teachers asked what skills they thought their students would absolutely need in the next millennium. About 45% of them said the students would need a second language, mastery of a second language. About 63% said they would need science and math skills. Sixty-seven percent said that students would need to have technology and information background, which I interpreted as computer skills.

Ninety-five percent said their students would need proficiency in problem solving. Yet, very little problem solving is being taught in U.S. schools. Yes, there is a bevy of hypothetical “what if’s” but these are nothing more than secularized morality plays that teach our youth how to think negatively. They fail to teach reasoning which is the instrument of problem solving. Imagination is being taught even less in our schools. We can continue to wait till a problem arises, then go about using our innate or “God-given” reasoning capacities to try to correct it. But it’s far more visionary to be able to imagine what you want to occur that will benefit yourself and other people then find a way to make it happen. The difference is feast or famine. The difference is peace or war. The difference is wealth or poverty.

If you have to wait for conditions to be a problem, then you have to wait for famine. You have to wait for poverty. You have to wait for sickness. You have to wait for war before you can set the creative intelligence on peace, you may die before you have the opportunity to do so. We must teach our children how to use their minds fully, productively.

As a nation, as a planet, we must admit that education is not just learning how to read and write, although these are very important. Education is learning the mechanics of how thinking occurs because once you learn that, you can do anything.

I know every time I teach someone how to use his mind effectively, I have opened every door in the universe to him. All he has to do is choose which one he wants to walk through. This is the essence of education in the next millennium. It is the kind of education that will help make the Spiritual Renaissance a reality. from the book Spiritual Renaissance by Barbara Condron, copyright 1999 School of Metaphysics 


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