A FAMILY of YOUNG SOULS, an eye to the future

FAMILY of YOUNG SOULS, an eye to the future


The Visionary Schools Notebook

Facts and findings on the schools we chose.

1 Oak Grove School

"School of the Future" in Ojai, California

Only school in U.S. founded by Krishnamurti, draws upon all ideas that work to give the best education for the whole person. Preschool to high school, Oak Grove welcomes students from all over the world. Nonprofit, self supporting students raise money each year for scholarships. 160 students.

"A visionary school creating not only a place for academics and college preparation but also to entertain and explore that which is beyond the physical. Graduates are mindful." Dr. Pam Blosser

"This school teaches children and young adults how to be Self aware. Although all the other programs seem to promote excellence, this school appears to be unique in educating the spirit, not just the intellect. The children who spoke were thoughtful and insightful and I believe this school will teach future leaders who will have the Self awareness and Self possession to bring light into the world." Dr. Laurel Clark

2 Belin-Blank Center, Iowa City, IA International and comprehensive

International in scope offering individual classes, summer programs, Saturday programs, live-in programs. Teaches teachers and parents along with children. Includes public, private and homeschooling. Started 1980. Nonprofit housed at University of Iowa. 3-11 grades.

3 Providence-St. Mel, Chicago Work/study program

Teaches children how to use initiative, to be responsible, to understand cause and effect, to believe in themselves and to work for their dreams through a unique work-study program for 1-12 grade. It is a wonderful example for this day and age, showing that self esteem comes from creating and putting forth effort, not welfare or pity. 97% of Providence-St. Mel's students go to college.

1970 Catholic school closed, Paul Adams decided the school needed to remain there. Haven for kids in the middle of gangland that stresses honesty, integrity, accountability. When our representative went to interview Adams he looked her in the eye and said, "What can you do for my kids?" As a result we are going to teach a course in mental disciplines, including concentration. 1972, nonprofit.

4 School of the Plains, Oklahoma City Learning through daily experience

A two-year-old school founded by a couple who have homeschooled their seven children, incorporates the best systems for teaching the whole person, from Waldorf to Montessori. Offering hands-on experience this is learning by living. Deserves the recognition that can benefit their efforts and inspire others to fulfill their dream.

5 Waldorf Teacher Education Teaching teachers who teach whole self

Waldorf education, based on Rudolf Steiner's teachings, educates the whole person in 120 schools worldwide. As well as arts and sciences, Waldorf philosophy teaches children goodness, beauty, and truth through an ascending spiral of learning that includes experience, application, and service. It teaches how to use imagination as well as memory, to understand the picture language as well as living in harmony with nature and universal law. Many idealistic conventionally tooled teachers discover the Waldorf philosophy is compatible with their own and liberating for they have the freedom to be the best teacher they can be. Training teachers will enable this education to become more widespread and flourish. Six teacher institutes in states and in Canada.

6 Post Oak, Houston, Texas Teaching whole person

A 35-year-old Montessori school for 14 month olds to 14 year olds. Well established school that illustrates what these teachings offer. As with many of these schools there is a maximum number of students (350) enabling the student-teacher association, essential to learning, to flourish and grow.

7 ABC-123, Republic, Missouri Early learning

The only school on our list that serves pre-school ages 3-5. The dedicated teacher who does her own building maintenance, says she has been waiting all her life to do this! This is teaching 65 children in buildings owned by a Methodist church in this rural Missouri town. She is a testament to the reality that learning begins at birth.

8 Upland Hills, Oxford, Michigan Community interaction/involvement

Outstanding quality is their desire to be a model for other schools based on love, community, and drawing out the genius of every child. Toward this end, Director Phil Moore is writing a book chronicling his 30 years with Upland Hills. This school provides hands-on experience, teaching concepts through practical application. This kind of education aids children to live better lives. Founded in 1971.

9 Community School #1, Kansas City Community School of Future

Based on the philosophy that child learns best when he or she is able to teach others. One room school for wide interaction of students is not going back but moving forward as it reflects the society we live in. This school teaches the importance of community by giving the students the chance to live it, essential for spiritual man to flourish. 1982. K-6th grade.

10 Sycamore School, Indianapolis, Indiana Parent-founded school

Only complete talented and gifted school in the state of Indiana. Started in 1984 by parents to meet the needs of their children. Within a year, 50 parents interested beginning a school with 110 students. Now 400 students preschool to eight grade learn leadership, teaching others, based on family roots. Paint ceilings as Michelangelo did while parents devote time to teaching in their areas of expertise. Nonprofit.

11 St. Louis Children's Aquarium, St. Louis, Missouri Learning is Life-long

With its on-site aquarium and Internet access it may seem a strange nominee, but its ideal of teaching teachers while educating people of all ages makes it outstanding. When Jacques Cousteau looked for a place to donate his library, St. Louis Children's Aquarium was his choice.

12 University of Human Goodness, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Service Education

This program, although not specifically for talented and gifted children, educates the soul and teaches the importance of contributing to the lives of others. All volunteer, 501(c)(3) educational organization, is dedicated to teaching children how to be of service to others. Personal responsibility is taught through its hospice program and the respite programs. Noteworthy for its humanity in an age of technology. 14 years old.

13 Brisbane Academy Charlotte, North Carolina

A college preparatory school started in an effort to nurture natural talents that were being ignored in public schools. Starting with eleven students she had tutored, Geraldine White created Brisbane Academy. Averaging three grade levels higher compared with public standards, Brisbane contracts parent and student to foster a "Global Family" concept. 90 students.

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