Initiation….in the Third Cycle of Lessons by Christine Andrews

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Initiation….in the Third Cycle of Lessons

The Fourth Level of Consciousness

by Christine Andrews

A few years later I had this dream.

I am in a field and I run a few paces and take off. I fly really high. I can control every part of the flight really well. I fly up over fence and above the trees. I circle around and come back. I land very gently in the field lying face down on the earth. My whole face is in the earth. Then I get up and fly away again.
The next thing I know I am in a room sitting in front of a computer. As I look at the screen messages appear. Someone is typing them in but I don’t see who it is. I do see the messages though. They are equations that describe the structure of the universe mathematically. The translation and meaning of each equation is written below and it is in Sanskrit. I know this is very important. Lisa is sitting next to me and she is looking away at something else. I nudge her on the arm and tell her she needs to watch this because it is very important. I know I need to remember it. I print it out but only a portion of the text appears on the paper. I look at the computer again and think how important it is to remember.
Then I am walking through a house. I am looking for Paul. I mentally call out and ask where he is. From outside a window he says “Here I am.”. I am somewhat surprised that he answered my thought. I climb through the window and we walk across a field. It is night out. There is a white tent that has been erected. We look inside and Dr. Dan is conducting a ceremony. He is wearing a white robe. We join the people in the tent. There are people on both sides of him wearing orange robes. People in attendance walk up to him and kneel down. He places his hand on their foreheads. There is a giant fire at the front. It is awesome to see.


I awoke from this dream with a tremendous surge of energy and immediately was wide awake. Right away I knew this was very significant to me. As a student in the Advanced Series of lessons I had been studying the subconscious mind in depth for some time. The subconscious mind can be divided into four different levels. (see diagram) This not a physical division rather it reflects levels of consciousness or states of awareness. There are qualities associated with each level of the subconscious mind. The quality associated with the fourth level of mind is fire and this represents expansion. All the energies connected with this level of consciousness are expansive. Because I was learning to work directly with these energies I was also bringing an expansion to my consciousness that was beyond anything that I had experienced prior.
Here are the main symbols in this dream:

flying – astral projection
face – identity
fence – limitation
earth – subconscious mind substance
field – subconscious awareness
computer – brain
mathematics – understanding of identity and relativity
Sanskrit – understanding the structure of creation
Lisa – aspect of conscious mind
house – mind
Paul – aspect of subconscious mind
Dr. Dan – aggressive part of superconscious mind
robes – outer expression
white – awareness
fire – expansion

The nature of this dream was unlike anything I had ever experienced. The mathematical equations indicated that I was becoming aware of the inner structure of mind. As stated in The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Dr. Barbara Condron, “Mathematics is the science of numbers. Numbers were invented to represent form. Forms represent universal principles. In dreams, mathematics symbolize the understanding of identity and relativity, two of the universal principles of creation.”

The first part of the dream (landing with my face down in the field) indicates that I was identifying subconscious existence. This is true. I was practicing a spiritual exercise every day that brought me greater conscious awareness of my subconscious mind than ever before.

The ceremony in the dream indicates that I was at a point of initiation in my own conscious awareness. An initiation marks the beginning of something new, nothing is ever the same afterwards. Historically boys were tested on endurance, stamina, strength and bravery to mark the movement from adolescence to manhood. Girls attended ceremonies celebrating menses. These are examples of initiations that are physically oriented. They do, however, mark the greater shift of consciousness that occurs as one matures. For the spiritual aspirant there are many initiations that mark an evolving and expanding consciousness and this dream revealed my own progress.

I had recently made the life-changing decision to end my marriage and was adjusting to the direction I had chosen for myself. This choice stimulated me to think very deeply about my soul and what was most important to me. I had thankfully spent hours in prayer and meditation seeking Truth at a time when I felt great pain and sadness. My dedication was rewarding and I had begun to more completely understand the significance of these events to my own spiritual growth. I was using the experience to expand in ways that I had not done so before and the mental and spiritual work meant from this point on I would be different. Knowing the meaning of this dream brought me great comfort.– from Interpreting Dreams for Self Discovery ©2001 School of Metaphysics


©2002 School of Metaphysics


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