Why National Dream Hotline?

Why National Dream Hotline?

DREAMS, National Dream Hotline®


Why does the School of Metaphysics 
sponsor the National Dream Hotline?

Dreaming is a universal phenomenon. A quarter century of research has shown that dreams are communication from the inner levels of man’s consciousness to his outer, waking mind. All dreams including flying dreams, nightmares, and recurring dreams hold significance for the dreamer. The meaning of daily experiences is communicated through dream images to the conscious awareness of the dreamer providing feedback concerning his or her spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical state of being. Understanding and fully using the dream state can resolve problems, enhance creativity, and accelerate learning. The dreamer receives heightened awareness of the next step toward fulfilling ideals in life.

Millions of people are actively seeking to understand and more fully use their dream states. The National Dream Hotline® was established in 1987 to serve this growing need. Callers receive the benefits of years of research based upon the dream experiences of thousands of individuals from all walks of life. Conducted by the School of Metaphysics the final weekend of April each year, we are able to answer many of the questions stemming from dream states.

People call the Hotline for many different reasons. A man from Ft. Worth, Texas wants to know the meaning and significance of dreams that come true. A woman from Honolulu, Hawaii wants to know how to cure insomnia. Another woman from New York City is curious about flying dreams. A business woman in Argentina dreams of losing her teeth. A student from Australia asks about being in a public place – naked!

The School of Metaphysics is dedicated to teaching principles and practices designed to draw forth the potential of the whole self. Through a wholistic, step-by-step applied study, students develop understanding and mastery of mental skills including undivided attention, concentration, listening, memory recall, re-energizing and relaxing of mind and body, and reasoning. The disciplines taught bring students into the realm of the unused ninety percent of their brain power opening doors to what exists beyond the physical life. Interpreting and understanding dream communication is an integral part of the coursework. With your assistance in letting other knows, Hotline enables us to share the benefits of study and research with millions across the planet.

All dreams are significant and the symbols can be interpreted by the staff and faculty of the School of Metaphysics who are well-versed in the Universal Language of Mind. They will assist you in understanding the images in your dreams, and you, the dreamer, will be the final authority in applying the information in your life.

The 25 Most Common Questions People Ask About Dreams

The 25 Most Common Dream Symbols

In addition to classes and correspondence study, we offer taped courses and books based on our dream research including:


The Dreamer’s Dictionary

Only one of its kind reference book. 1000 symbols and their meaning in the Universal Language of Mind.

Every Dream Is About The Dreamer

Over 100 dreams interpreted in the Universal Language of Mind.

Interpreting Your Dreams for Self Discovery

Eight experts convey the benefits of interpreting your dreams from childhood through adult years into the afterlife.

Understanding Your Dreams

A pocket paperback answering the basic questions.

Audio tapes

Dream School

An eight lesson audio course designed to introduce you to the art and science of dream interpretation.

The Spiritual Science of Dreaming

Dreams: Inner Communication

Five Steps to Creative Dreaming

Video tapes

Nocturnal Visions

These basic keys will unlock the meaning of any dream. VHS video, one hour.

A World of Dreams

Explore the power of your dreams – from problem solving to precognition to enlightenment – with the experts who have been researching dreaming for over 30 years. Learn how dreams are your way of accessing inner planes of existence, and using more of your full potential. VHS video, two hours.


Dream interpretation column in each issue of Thresholds Quarterly.

You can help spread the word about the National Dream Hotline®. An article for media publication is just a click away. Print it and send it to your local newspaper for publication.


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