Karen Mosby

KarenMosbyJuly 2005 to current:
Graduate teacher at the College of Metaphysics in Windyville, MO.

SOM is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational and service organization.  Courses offer the study of the mind through the application of metaphysics.  Students learn meditation, dream interpretation, breath, visualization, healing and how to re-energize the mind and body, as well as how to use and apply the essential life skills of self-respect, undivided attention, concentration, memory, listening, breath, imagination, reasoning, intuition and entrainment.  Students that attend the college have completed the first cycle of lessons and are ready for more advanced study.  Currently, I have received my Doctorate of Divinity from the School of Metaphysics in November 2011.  In December of 2012 I became an ordained minister in the Interfaith Church of Metaphysics.  In March of 2013 I became certified as a Psi-Counselor and Dream Coach through the School of Metaphysics.  I am the nurse at the campus—working with oils and herbs for relaxation and healing. 

Teaching students about health and exploring the energetics of nutrition and food as healing through the use of Intuitive Health Analysis and biofeedback.

I direct the kitchen at the college where we provide classes on nutrition, cooking for large crowds of people, preserving and canning the foods we obtain from our three large organic gardens, making butter, making a variety of cheeses and yogurt, making jams and cider from the fruits we obtain from our orchards.

As International Secretary for the Board of Directors for the School of Metaphysics I also work with emails answering the questions of people from around the world about Spiritual Focus Sessions, classes, intuitive reports, Peace Dome activities, and dreams. 

I have taught Accessing Your Super-Conscious Healing Power to Unity on the Lake church in Sunset Beach in 2011 and 2012.   The course is currently being taught in all 16 School of Metaphysics centers in conjunction with their Healing Class on Sunday evenings.

2000-2005  Past Experience with the SOM: 

Directed the Des Moines School of Metaphysics for 3 years, raising $10,000 for paving our parking lot.

Set up an all day workshop titled Physician Heal Thyself 2004 through Mercy Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa where CEU'S were provided.

Gave a series of workshops on Team Building at Mercy Hospital to help build staff morale and cooperation 2003.

Arranged for workshop on Preventing Burnout on the floor that I worked on in 2002.

Lectures on:

Astrology 4 week short course 2001
4 week course on Dreams to Adult Education for the Des Moines schools and West Des Moines Schools 2002 and 2003
Building Will Power for Adult Education for the Des Moines Schools in 2002
Spiritual Spas where we talked about meditation, breathwork, reflexology, and nutrition in 2002 and 2003
Moving Beyond Emotional Reaction to Action in 2004
Beyond Stress  2008  Lebanon, Missouri and Springfield, Missouri
How to Take Back Your Health  Lebanon, Missouri in 2008
Top Ten Attitudes Killing Americans in Lebanon and Springfield, MO in 2008
Making Peace With Stress given to the National Associate of Social Workers in Missouri 2011
Making Peace With Stress given to the Missouri State Teachers Conference in Kansas City, Kansas 2012
What is True Health, Therapeutic Healing Center, Jefferson City, MO October 1, 2013
Health and Healing at the 40th Anniversary for the School of Metaphysics, October 5, 2013.

1970-1974   Attended and graduated from Ankeny High School, Ankeny, Iowa

1974-1977   Attended Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Des Moines, Iowa—Diploma program

1977-1987   Mercy Hospital Medical Center, 6th and University, Des Moines, Iowa

Worked in Pediatrics—General pediatric care, ages between 1 day old up to 18years 

Worked as charge nurse, oriented new nurses.  Was frequently called in to take special care of children who needed extra observation because there was no intensive care unit for children.

1987-June, 2005   Mercy Hospital Medical Center, 6th and University, Des Moines, Iowa 

Worked in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Created staff development workshops to improve communication and working together.  Did lectures on Understanding Dreams and did a 4 week Dream Course at Mercy Hospital.  Gave workshop on Team Building to the nurses and ancillary departments involved with Pediatrics to move beyond burnout to remembering their purpose in being a nurse.

ECMO nurse for post open-heart patients
Training as a bereavement nurse
Assisted in ACLS and APALS training
Arranged for a workshop "Healing the Self"
Taught PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) courses 3-4 times a year
Teaching paramedics, new staff, student doctors and residents-orientation to the floor, worked
with children on life support including ventilators, some dialysis, post open heart, general
pediatric cares
Worked with trauma patients, ICP monitors, and worked closely with ancillary dept in rehab of trauma patients

Held position of Clinical Nurse 3 for 2 years and helped develop discharge plans and education of families for special needs children going home on ventilator, tube feedings, gastric tube care, colostomy care.  Helped to develop protocols that defined the basic care given to every child and their families admitted to the hospital.

Shared Governance Committee for one year before leaving to attend the College of Metaphysics.

I also have experience working in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Adult Intensive Care Unit, Adult Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, and general medical/surgical floor

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