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Aneta Baranek

anetaAneta Baranek holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from DePaul University.  In her “day job” she is a Senior Software Engineer at one of the Fortune 500 companies.

As a person, one of her guiding quotes is from Aristotle: “The greatest relationship you can have is with yourself. The greatest journey you can take is the one of Self-discovery. […] Knowing yourself is the beginning of the greatest wisdom.” She has been on that journey of self discovery for much of her life.

She has been affiliated with the School of Metaphysics in Palatine for about four years as a student, as a teacher and, now, as Director. 

Through the School of Metaphysics, Aneta has the privilege of learning and teaching Universal Wisdom and Laws, to continue what sages of the past centuries, such as Artistotle himself, begun a long time ago.

Aneta states: “I now understand the responsibility of what being a creator of my own life is. We create with every single thought. Mental exercises taught through the School have helped me to discover the space between my thoughts, have helped me to discover the unconscious thoughts circumventing my mind, have allowed me to replace unproductive ones with those that serve me on all levels. I have come to know true joy, unconditional love and authentic connection with my Higher Self.“


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