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collegeaerialSpiritual Focus Weekends at the College of Metaphysics feed the whole Self. They help balance the inner and outer, the right and left brains, the head and the heart. They renew your purpose and bring clarity to your thinking. They stimulate your inner drive and resolve while feeding your hunger for knowledge. Here you learn about the most important person in your world – You!

Whether learning how to think like Leonardo da Vinci or how to move chi (energy) in stagnant areas of your life or how to reach deeper states of meditation for spiritual/physical health, we guarantee after participating in a Spiritual Focus Weekend you will know your Self better.

Each session is mentored by three people, all psi counselors who have completed the School of Metaphysics course of study and who have taught others how to develop more of their potential. You will meet and talk with the authors of Superconscious Meditation, Kundalini Rising, Karmic Healing, and Lucid Dreaming.

Throughout the weekend, quiet time of solitude is balanced with interaction with others. Those present are as much a part of your weekend as your mentors. Often they travel from each coast and sometimes from other continents. Each group is drawn together through the action of Spiritual Law. The experiences of one person gives a fuller, greater perspective for your own. Conversation is rich this weekend owing to the openness of the environment and to the students who serve your needs.

The intuitive wisdom pertaining to the topic of the weekend will be given in your presence. There will be time for questions and ways learned to answer them. By Saturday evening, the day’s experiences are distilled into the context of your life. You have effectively initiated, experienced, and completed a complete cycle of growth in approximately 40 hours.

Come and find out what a weekend in the fresh air and stillness of the countryside can do for you!


Give your life a SPIRITUAL FOCUS


We have developed specific Intuitive Reports offered solely during Extended Learning Weekends at the College of Metaphysics

2017 Schedule & registration:

atlantisAtlantean session: January 27-29, 2017

Join the authors of Remembering Atlantis as they introduce you to the ancient world beyond our planet’s recorded history of civilization. Your journey begins when you meet with Dr. Daniel Condron for a presentation on the Four Cycles of Atlantis. Based upon years of Intuitive Research conducted by the School of Metaphysics, the connections between sacred geometry, dolphins, crop circles, pyramids, and more will astound you. A unique opportunity to ask the author your questions.

Preparation for the Atlantean Profile (to be given the next day) begins next as Dr. Barbara Condron leads you through revelatory steps that answer the question “Who Am I?” Through present time regression you discover the significant triggers that have shaped your consciousness. Mind Mapping brings you into the present for an illumined look at who you are now. Mudras (ancient postures) and the Sri Yantra, the formulaic equation for Creation, offer the means to experience the power of form. What you learn here, you can practice the rest of your life.

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“This experience has changed my life!
I can now go on in my life knowing the right decisions
to make for myself and my loved ones. I want to learn more!
I want to tell everyone about it so they all can come! Thank you.”
— Stella S., office manager, Chicago, IL


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