Family of Young Souls

“The family is the association established by nature for the supply of man’s everyday wants.” –Aristotle

There are three types of children coming into our world. These souls will change this planet forever. This part of our site is dedicated to these children and those who love them.

The first group are the psychic kids. These are the growing number, particularly in China, who can see with their ears, move vitamins to the outside of a sealed bottle, ignite something across the room. These abilities have been studied, and documented, since the 1980’s in special government schools.

The second group have a nonhuman DNA, meaning their DNA is different making their immune systems unlike anything we have seen. An expression of this is in their immunity to AIDS. In fact what terminates life for most people on the planet will not produce the same for these people. They are immune to all the diseases that affect mortal man and are therefore the harbingers of immortality.

The third group is termed the Indigo children. They are the technologically brilliant – the amazingly intelligent, quick-minded computer whizzes. Leaders in this group who were born decades ago are the ones who have already made the Internet part of our lexicon. What the 12-year-old and even 5-year-old of today will do in the next decade is awesome to imagine. When they have heart with their head they are tremendous healers.

All of these kids are advanced souls who know why they are here. They have a mission from birth, and their connection with the Infinite is unshakeable. In fact many are highly intuitive, some are potentially Christ-conscious. They need guidance. Aware guidance from everyone around them…parents, teachers, clergy, grocery clerks, bosses, sports and music icons, newspeople, playmates. Everyone. It is time for us to awaken to the influence we exert with each other, every day, in thought and in action.

The School of Metaphysics was brought into being for this purpose. To awaken and to provide a place to learn and grow in awareness. The SOM teaches the teachers who will teach the teachers of these wise souls riding in young bodies.
For thirty years we have been talking about how different the public school system will be when concentration is taught, when students begin their day with a ten minute clock concentration. With certainty there will be far less children being diagnosed, labeled, and drugged by frustrated parents and teachers who don’t know what to do with them. Teaching intuitive breathing will cause the number of asthmatic kids on inhalers to radically decrease until it disappears from our lives. Learning the Universal Language of Mind will keep the door open to the subconscious mind, increase Self esteem, emotional security, and mental creativity. Meditation will teach connectedness with others, the caring needed by so many of our youth, as well as the desire to give to something greater than the Self.

The basic sciences of the mind can and should be taught at every age. This is what happens year round on the campus of the College of Metaphysics. Here, life is the schoolroom for all of us. The kitchen is the chemistry lab. Ponds or trees are root race biology in motion. Music is electromagnetism for mind and body. Swimming is water purification, and gardening–visualization. Age does not determine education here. The need and desire of the student creates the curriculum thus aligning him, or her, with the soul’s urge.

Albert Einstein once wrote, “Every child is born a genius.” Maybe we are ready to believe him.

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