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On September 11, 2001 the world shared an experience.

The technological advances and their application through media enabled the events which occurred in New York City to become a part of the experience of people in Topeka, Kansas, Tokyo, and Capetown. The experience was shared because it unfolded in real time. Those of us who were plugged in could see what was happening as it occurred.

The virtual experience did not allow us to physically smell or taste or feel the destruction. Virtual reality limited us to the physical senses of sight and sound, and even those were determined not by our own desire but by network executives. We were experiencing through their eyes.

This ability to experience through another's eyes is a gateway into mutidimensional experience. Many went through that gateway in the days that followed 9/11 and we offer this part of our site not as a means to dwell upon the past, nor as something we are intent upon remembering, rather what you will find here is the truth about metaphysics as it is taught in the School of Metaphysics.

Here are men and women, from 6 to 60, assimilating the meaning of the experience of the NYC World Trade Center Twin Towers destruction where 4000 people representing over 50 countries were killed by the actions of a dozen.

Why did it happen? Why here? Why now?

Here are some of the ways we applied what we have learned about the laws that govern our universe and how we mold our lives accordingly. Here are some of the questions we asked and how we came to answer them. Here is our search for the answers, and the means for you to find your own.

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