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What is a Spiritual Focus Session?

What will I receive at the Spiritual Focus Session? (Description of session and cost)

coming in 2007

Kundalini Rising
Indigo Family Odyssey (
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Dharma: Your Soul’s Purpose


What is an Intuitive Report?

What type of report will I receive during...

Kundalini Rising
Indigo Family Odyssey
Dharma: Your Soul’s Purpose

Special sessions by request

Creative Mind
Healer's Portrait
Intuitive Advantage
Intertwining of Souls
Parenting Profile
Atlantean Profile
Meditator's Portrait

Where are sessions held?
About the College of Metaphysics Campus
About Moon Valley Ranch

What about the particulars of when a session begins and ends?
Food Accommodations
Sleeping Accommodations
Arrival Time
Departure Time
How to get here

How can my group schedule a Spiritual Focus Session just for us?

Special sessions available

Master LivingGenius CodeIntuitive AdvantageSpiritual Partners for LifeParenting the Mystic ChildAtlantean AwakeningExperiencing Superconscious Meditation


Coming in 2007 Kundalini Rising Dharma: Your Soul's Purpose Indigo Family Odyssey

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